Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout Supplement Review


This review will hopefully cover anything and everything you could ever possibly wonder about Optimum Nutrition’s pre workout supplement, Platinum.
Optimum Nutrition comes out and says on their packaging description that this is a transparent product with only effective ingredients.  As we’ll see later I think this is completely acceptable and is definitely a feature of this product compared to most other pre workout supplements who hide the amount of their ingredients as a proprietary blend.I’ve included the nutritional label that we’ll be going through to the right, Read Full Article take a gander or keep on reading as I go by the main inclusions one by one.  I’m going to ignore the calories (5 per serving) because they are pretty insignificant.L-Citrulline (2 grams)

Let me first quote what optimum nutrition has on the site about L-Citrulline…
“L-citrulline is a precursor to Nitric Oxide (N.O.) synthesis and may support performance during high-intensity exercise.”
Pay special attention to the “may support”.  No company is every going to claim that something maybe sorta helps if they know it does for sure.
Just like L-arginine (another N.O. precursor), L-citrulline will cause nitric oxide production to rise, his response click over here so what’s the problem?  The problem is that just about every legitimate study on this topic has shown that your body quickly regulates any increases in blood flow, so essentially this does nothing.
Now Optimum Nutrition already knows this, but most people don’t and specifically look for N.O. products which is why they still include it.  It’s not a harmful ingredient but it isn’t helpful either.Beta-Alanine (1.6 grams)
Moving on we now get to the good stuff, beta-alanine.  This is a substance that there is an abundance of scientific evidence to support its effects.  Without going into too much detail, as I feel like I beat this to death on many reviews, beta-alanine will delay the formation of lactic acid, thereby reducing fatigue during your workout…it’s good stuff.DMAE Bitartrate (250 mg)
DMAE (Dimethyl-aminoethanol) Bitartrate is a fairly old man made substance (about 60 years).  It is believed to help in memory, focus and alertness, but can have varying effects.  Over the years many studies have been performed on it with mixed results.  For some people it helps, and for others it actually makes them worse.  We aren’t going to get concrete answers on this so my advice would be to try it out, if you think it helps, great, if not you should take that into consideration.PhytoBlend (200 mg)

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The phytoblend is a bunch of different seed and root extracts, with the only real purpose to provide some antioxidants.  If anything it’s a nice ‘bonus’ to the product that may help with the taste as well, but it’s unlikely to have an effect on your gym performance.Caffeine (200 mg)
I’m not going to say much about caffeine, we all know by this point that it’s a good thing to take before a workout.  It’s a stimulant, helps you focus, and will give you the perception of more energy during training, all good things.  200 mg is about the same amount of caffeine in 2 large coffees.  This is still a safe amount but you should watch your other caffeine intake to try and keep in under 3-400 mg a day depending on how big you are.Summary of ON Platinum Pre Workout
From the above section we can see that there are a few proven effective ingredients like Beta-Alanine and Caffeine, a couple most likely neutral or slightly beneficial ingredients in L-Citrulline and DMAE, and a largely fluff ingredient in the PhytoBlend.
I don’t think this is the best pre workout supplement I’ve seen but it’s probably a bit above average, and if you feel you respond well to DMAE and L-Citrulline it may be great for you.
Overall I would rate it 4.0/5.0, a good but not quite great product, but one worth trying because your personal response can drastically alter your personal rating of this product.